Who we are

Hocadeo is a faith based organization. It is a social and economic development arm of Hoima Catholic Diocese and has the mandate to operate in Hoima Diocese. 

HOCADEO was formed as the result of the need to strengthen development work at all levels; most particularly at community level. Consequently, the operational area of Hoima Caritas Development Organization (HOCADEO) include; Districts of Hoima, Kikuube, Masindi, Buliisa, Kiryandongo, Kibaale, Kagadi and Kakumiro which make up Hoima Diocese. 

Our Vision

To fully and integrally develop human persons and communities, living in an environment that is truly human.

 Our Values

Team work, Integrity, Accountability and Transparency, Professionalism and networking

Our mission

To express God’s love for mankind by continuing Christ’s work of liberation and of enabling each person to have life in abundance through programs that meet people’s real and felt needs


  1.  To alleviate human suffering and poverty. 
  2. To enhance social justice in communities where development takes place. 
  3. To express love, care towards God’s creation and in response of gospel.
  4. To ensure full “human development” i.e, developing the capacity of communities to be able to take control of their own destiny and development.
  5. To enhance the health status of the population, both individual and their environment



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Reach us

Hoima Caritas Development Organization (HOCADEO)            Location:  Located near Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral- Bujumbura West-Hoima City.

P.O BOX 34, Hoima City (Uganda).                                                Email: info@hocadeo.org                                              Contacts  +256782578508 / +256783525165                        Website: www.hocadeo.org                                               Twitter : #caritas_hoima

Where we work