• Skilling

    Harvesting from his skill

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  • Safe Water

    Commissioning Kibyasi Water Supply system in Kibyasi LCI, Bubango sub county, Kibaale District.

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  • Rights of children

    Our Community Action Researchers (CARs) & Civic Educators from Waiga Village-Buliisa district are sensitizing households on rights of children & dangers of Child Labour

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  • Supporting agriculture projects

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  • Gender based violence awakening

    In response to gender based violence (GBV) we planned to hold 28 Community awareness meetings on the dangers & redress mechanisms of the vice. The meetings target host communities of oil & gas in Kikuube, Hoima & Buliisa

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  • TotalEnergies reacts to flashfloods in Buliisa

    Work on a section of the Tilenga Industrial Park underway at Kasinyi Village in Buliisa District. This is where the Central Processing Facility will be constructed. As Buliisa District continues experiencing heavy rains resulting in flashfloods affecting people close to…..

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  • Commissioning water supply system

    Commissioning of  Kibyasi Water Supply system in Kibyasi LCI, Bubango sub county, Kibaale District

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  • Agriculture & Livelihoods

    We support small holder farmers to improve their skills in the best practices of Agriculture and Livestock breed improvement.

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  • Strengthening grass root structures in Hoima

    Our efforts in strengthening grassroot structures in Hoima, Buliisa and Kikuube District involve supporting Community Action Researchers (CARs) and Civic Educators with Bicycles for improved monitoring of public services, oil & gas projects

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Fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV) amidst oil & gas developments in the albertine region

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