Nolonger childless

Previously, the old lady was sleeping in a dilapidated tent, which was provided to her by UNHCR on arrival in Kyangwali settlement from DRC Congo at the beginning of 2018. By the year 2021, the tarpaulin got torn, since it was supported by small poles. It could not even shield her form neither sunshine nor rain. Whenever it could rain, her beddings could become wet. Zida shared that; she could sit in the corner of the tarpaulin till morning. She could be saved by the first sun rays to warm her body and dry old clothes which served as her beddings. Despite the poor state of the tarpaulin, Zida could share it with parasites and rodents such as rats, frogs, termites, flees and bed bugs. Additionally, she didn’t have basic house assets. She could use two pots she made herself to cook food, sauce and water to bathe once in a while during the cold night. When Caritas/CRS supported her with shelter under the OD Modality, Zida made savings which she used to buy household assets including a beddings and utensils.