From a hide out to a home

Mateso Thesa, 61 years old male lives in Kavule block 105. For over 3 years, Mateso had been living in a pole and mud house, thatched with the tarpaulin which was provided to him by UNHCR on arrival at Kyangwali as a refugee from DRC Congo in 2018. By 2021, the tarpaulin was old enough, could let in rodents (insects and rats), rain water and dust blown by the wind could cover the floor. The wind could blow off the tarpaulin and the beneficiary seemed as if he was sleeping outside. Rainy seasons often posed the worst moments for Mateso. Whenever it could rain, his beddings become wet, Mateso could confine himself in the corner of the house that could be less wet and wait for day break. In addition, the beneficiary lacked the basic household assets such as the mattress, “I could bath at most 2 times in a week and only at night, since I feared being seen by people in the neighborhood because I dint have a bath shelter” said Mateso.

Fortunately, when CRS and Caritas staff were profiling and registering Participants, Mateso was enrolled under Owner driven approach, where he made some savings and acquired a matress, blanket, 2 plastic chairs and household utensils. “I no longer live in a hide out, but in a home. I can even confidently wear a white shirt since am able to bath at any time of the day I want, un like in the past” happily expressed Mateso.  Mateso further cracked a joke that “my home only lacks a wife, who should soon look for me than I looking for her, because CRS and Caritas have made me look smart enough and younger than my age,” Mateso ended by saying that, may God bless CRS and Caritas with more resources so that they can continue to rescue many lives which may be living in a condition he was in three years back.