Agriculture & Livelihoods

We support small holder farmers to improve their skills in the best practices of Agriculture and Livestock breed improvement. We help them to access better crop varieties, market information and offer them exposer visits. We also support the youth and vulnerable rural women acquire basic and DIT certified skills as an empowerment strategy to boost their livelihoods

Advocacy & Good Governance

We promote the respect for human rights most especially for the Project affected Persons of Oil and Gas (PAPs) in the Albertine region. We also empower communities in the Albertine region to participate in the electoral process and also demand for timely and equitable service delivery from their leaders.

Environment Protection and climate change

We encourage the people in the community to plant trees, use smart fuel materials such as briquettes and energy saving stoves to prevent environmental pollution and deforestation. We engage small holder farmers in Agroforestry, climate smart agriculture, natural resource management, climate change mitigation activities such as Carbon tree planting, improved water and soil management.

Health (Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, WASH)

HOCADEO takes the health of its beneficiaries very important for sustainable development to take place. It promotes household proper nutrition, hygiene, water and sanitation as well as HIV prevention.

Gender and Development

We offer psychosocial support to victims and survivors of Gender based Violence in the communities where we work. This is to emphasis the need for serenity and peace in homes and communities for development to take place 

Humaniterian & Emergency response

We make humanitarian response to the displaced persons in Kyangwali refugees’ settlement as well as responding to emergency situations befalling the communities we serve like floods and other disasters.


HOCADEO is empowering thousands of poor but active women to access financial services and enable them boost their small businesses in communities where they live.