HOCADEO takes the health of its beneficiaries very important for sustainable development to take place. It promotes household proper nutrition, hygiene, water and sanitation as well as HIV/AIDS prevention.

The Gender and Women Development Programme (GWDP) in Kagadi district promotes Hygiene in households through sensitizations and trainings which have helped Households to have Kitchen refuse pits, Pit latrines, Hand washing facilities, Dish racks and kitchen utensils racks. The communities have also been sensitized on the dangers of HIV/AIDS and also encouraged couples to go for voluntary counselling and testing.

Through HSAP, HOCADEO has been able to promote proper nutrition by promoting the growing of vegetables through training households on the good practices of Backyard gardening and has encouraged them to keep healthy b eating greens as part of their daily meals.

Through Meals for Nutrition (MENU), HOCADEO has promoted the growing and eating of Iron rich beans, yellow maize and the Orange fleshed sweet potatoes in response to the high malnutrition cases identified in the Bunyoro sub region. This programme has benefitted residents of Masindi, Hoima, and Kakumiro districts where people were given the seeds and vines for growing. Throughout the project lifecycle, significant efforts were made to integrate bio-fortified crops into the diets of the target beneficiaries with emphasis on diets for children under 5 years and women of reproductive age.

Kisakye Irene a resident of Buraru village, Buraru  Parish in Kyabigambire S/C Hoima District, looks after 4 grandchildren. Irene used to have a dead skin that could easily peel off very often and her grandchildren were stunted when she started consuming OSP and Iron beans in 2019, she noticed an improvement in her skin and health growth of her grandchildren. I thank HOCADEO and HarvestPlus for supporting my family

The impacts of the dietary diversity were elaborated qualitatively, for instance one of the respondents shared that “Many young children who had suffered from nutritional diseases became healthy and free from the skin diseases, rashes, stunted growth, vision. Among old people similar testimonies were observed among the beneficiaries and the people living with HIV gained immunity after being fed on OSP and iron beans.” (Nutrition Focal Person Kakumiro District-EOP Evaluation)

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