We encourage the people in the community to plant trees, use smart fuel materials such as briquettes and energy saving stoves to prevent environmental pollution and deforestation. We engage small holder farmers in Agroforestry, climate smart agriculture, natural resource management, climate change mitigation activities such as Carbon tree planting, improved water and soil management.
After a research conducted by HOCADEO, it was found out that the survival rate for carbon trees which were distributed through the RSL Programme to households in Hoima, Bulisa and Kikuube Districts stands at 66% and the survival rate for fruit trees stands at 65%. The survival rates for both carbon and fruit trees were 2,685 seedlings out of 5538 tree seedlings given out accounting for 48.5%. The tree seedlings distributed were planted along land boundaries as a measure to control land grabbing and this has contributed to the reduction of land disputes. The field monitoring also found out that beneficiaries have adopted agroforestry practices and immediate results include; carbon sequestration from the atmosphere hence climate change mitigation, soil erosion control, the trees act as wind breakers and provide shade in homesteads.

Mrs. Tumuhairwe Fauster of Kyakaboga prunning her carbon trees planted along the land boundary

Mrs. George of Rwamutonga standing next to her carbon trees