We promote the respect for human rights most especially for the Project affected Persons of Oil and Gas (PAPs) in the Albertine region. We also empower communities in the Albertine region to participate in the electoral process and also demand for timely and equitable service delivery from their leaders.

Through Right to Sustainable Livelihoods (RLS) programme, HOCADEO has contributed the above-mentioned Outputs. The programme targets local communities within the Sub-Counties of Bugambe, Kabwoya, Kiziranfumbi, Kyangwali, Buliisa and Ngwedo and these included youths, women, men, the local political leadership, District technocrats, Civil Society Organization (CSOs), governmental bodies (NEMA, PAU, UNRA e.t.c), road construction companies and oil exploration and development companies in the region.

It has also helped beneficiaries to have a platform where they can demand and talk for their rights violated during the Oil roads Construction. In this category, we have people whose houses were destroyed by the heavy tracks working on the nearby Oil roads, those whose land was used but were never compensated, and also those whose property was destroyed by the poorly disposed soil damped during the Oil roads construction.

The photo above shows Ms. Bahemurwaki Gorret standing in front of her cracked house but also in the road reserve but was not compensated and the photo on left shows Mr. Abubakare Nabosi raising his issue to NEMA Environmental Inspectors along Kiziranfumbi – Kabaale road.